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I'm looking for some site that shows some health tables for monsters in Diablo 3 for every act and every difficulty.

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That's not really possible, as each monster has a "base" health, but it gets randomized from there. – Frank Jun 27 '12 at 12:20
I'm not looking for the exact value, it's obviously impossible to save all the milions of combinations for each monster. I can do the math from whatever base values each monster type has. For example, the value for zombie - inferno difficulty is enough to find the value for any kind of zombie in inferno dificulty as long as there are some reference charts with percentages for each zombie type. – Kesarion Jun 27 '12 at 13:13

The monster data has been partially analyzed, and is available at Diablo Lexicon. However, it is not very nicely laid out, and a lot of the data for each monster type is still unknown. A "Hitpoints_Max" field has been identified though, and perhaps this could be the base values you are looking for.

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I remember that Brady Games' official guide had health tables (includes the range between min-max possible hit points) for most if not every single monster in all difficulties, but unfortunately it isn't online.

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