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I've completed all of the challenges except for "Team Effort" (the fifth dwarf challenge), can someone tell me how to do this or at least give me a hint?

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Hint #1 - The Annihilator's attack causes adjacent units to move.

Hint #2 - The Engineer's special ability is that she gets a larger boost from special squares.

Full Solution

Action #1 - Attack the Priestess with the Annihilator. The Impaler will end up beside the bottom Paladin, while the Void Monk will end up beside the top Paladin.
Action #2 - Attack the Impaler with the Paladin.
Action #3 - Move the Engineer to the Assault Boost square.
Actions #4 & #5 - Attack the Void Monk with the Engineer.

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Ah thanks, Hint #2 did it for me! – kekekela Jun 29 '12 at 21:26

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