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Before Tribes: Ascend was added to Steam, I created an account and bought some items/upgrades. If I download Tribes through Steam, will I be able to log into my existing account or link my Steam account with it, or would I be forced to repurchase the items and upgrades on my Steam account?

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The assumption from this article is that you'll be able to tether your existing account to your Steam account. I'm not 100% sure as I personally don't play Tribes. However, my experience with Borderlands (which is also run by GameSpy) tells me that you'll be able to link your account.

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This is indeed the case. My download just finished, and the game presents the same login screen when launched through steam. – Dave McClelland Jul 1 '12 at 4:10

Yes, you will be able to; I've done it.

The Steam version of Tribes still uses the HR authentication.

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