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Endless Space has 5 hero types: Pilot, Commander, Corporate, Administrator, and Adventurer.

Which hero abilities are exclusive to which types? Is there a graphic somewhere of the full ability dependency chart? (That is to say, a graph denoting which abilities are unlocked by which prerequisites?)

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Here is a chart put together by someone on the Endless Space forums:



  • Most abilities key off Veteran 1
  • +movement on fleet
  • +offense and +defense
  • +hp regen on fleet


  • Abilities scattered everywhere: Assailant 1, Defender 1, 2, Veteran 1-4
  • lots of battle actions: +crit on kinetics, +block, destroyed ships survive with 5% hp (!)
  • -accuracy to enemy
  • +xp from battle
  • +offense and +defense
  • change assignment every turn


  • Most abilities keyed off Negotiator 1 and 3
  • +trade routes and trade route bonuses
  • +20% science off Veteran 2 -> Dust Wielder 1


  • Most abilities keyed off Director 1 and 2
  • +approval (flat)
  • +industry (flat and %)
  • +food (flat and %)
  • +defense off Defender 1


  • Most abilities keyed off Veteran 1 > Ground Pounder 1 and Veteran 3
  • +money leech
  • +blockade bypass
  • +science leech
  • +melee and +offense
  • a few battle actions: +critical on lasers, -defense mods on enemy, illusions

Other notes:

  • All classes other than the Adventurer get a special ability based off Dust Wielder 1
  • Administrators seem completely overpowered
  • Pilots and Commanders seem approximately equal for fleets. Commander gets better actions, Pilots get better passives.
  • Corporate and Adventurers seem underwhelming, unless I'm missing something
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Ah, look at all those goodies hiding under Engine Tuner 1! Thanks, David! – Raven Dreamer Jul 6 '12 at 22:43
>>>Corporate and Adventurers seem underwhelming, unless I'm missing something>>>What you missed is that corporate can immensely boost income from trade. My last game i had a trade focused hero in my capital, and with only 6 planets i was making 2000 gold a turn with happiness maxed. They are really really powerful especially if you are going for an economic victory. – Draken Jul 16 '12 at 1:51
@Draken interesting, good to know – David Fullerton Jul 16 '12 at 1:55
One thing I didn't realise at first is that you can click on the class in game on the hero screen and it will open up a skill tree. Obviously this only helps if you can see a hero with the appropriate class. – Chris Jun 17 '14 at 14:01

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