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I've been looking for information on Lightning's role. I'm only about halfway through the game, but I was under the impression you had to buy Lightning in order to play with her.

I keep seeing YouTube videos of her fighting as a Ravager, but when I purchased and won her character, she's only a Commando.

How do I unlock the Ravager role for Lightning?

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There are two different Lightnings you can unlock via DLC:

  • Lightning as part of the Operation XIII-2 Coliseum battle, which is a Ravager and is almost always the Lightning people talk about in guides and such.

  • Lightning as part of the Another Beginning Lightning's Story: Requiem of the Goddess DLC, which is a Commando.

It appears you purchased the latter DLC but not the former. It's odd that you can unlock two different Lightnings, but that's what paradoxes get ya.

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