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What secret characters can you unlock in Spelunky HD and how do you find them?

Please be specific as to what version characters are in, as they could well be different on different platforms.

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I'm asking about the Xbox 360 version of Spelunky, not any PC version (where I'm sure the characters available are different). Please don't edit the question to change what it's about. – Keith Aug 28 '13 at 7:12
The 2012 Xbox-360 version of the game is known as Spelunky HD according to the wiki, so I'd retag with that at least. On the platform front, it'd be better to have answer(s) that cover all platforms. It's not hard to say "Here are the secret characters (1,2,3). Xbox 360 exclusive characters are (4,5,6) and the PC exclusive characters are (7,8,9)". I'm not going to edit-war with you over this, but I'm saying this question can (and should) cover all platforms, to be as useful to future visitors as possible. – Robotnik Dec 17 '13 at 8:38
@Robotnik ok. I rolled back the other edits because I started getting answers on how to hack the save files on PC, which was specifically what I didn't want. I've updated it. – Keith Dec 18 '13 at 11:53
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Here is the full list of unlockable characters for Spelunky.

The characters marked "PC version only" can only be unlocked in the game in the PC version of Spelunky. To unlock them in the XBLA version you need to purchase the Explorers DLC, which will unlock all "PC version only" characters instantly. These characters are also not counted towards the "Entire Gang" achievement.

Already Unlocked

These four characters are available from the beginning:




Blue Guy


Red Turban Guy


Green Girl

Random Coffins

These four characters appear in coffins placed randomly in each of the four areas (Mines, Jungle, Ice Caves, Temple). You will only ever find one of these random coffins in each area.

To release the character, just whip or attack the coffin.

Yellow Miner Girl

Yellow Miner Girl

Mariachi Man

Lime Mariachi Man

Purple Pirate Girl

Purple Pirate Girl

Bear Suit Guy

Cyan Bear Suit Guy

Hidden Coffins

These characters are trapped in coffins that can only be found in a specific area.

Just whip or attack the coffin to release the character.

Round Boy (PC version only)

Round Boy

This coffin can be found in a Tikki Man Village in the Jungle.

Round Girl (PC version only)

Round Girl

This coffin can be found in the "My skin is crawling" event in the Mines.

Eskimo (PC version only)


This coffin can be found in the "It smells like wet fur in here" event in the Ice Caves.

Viking (PC version only)


The Viking's coffin can be found in the "I hear rushing water" event in the Jungle.

Ninja (PC version only)


The coffin containing the Ninja can be found in the area to the top of Olmec's Lair.

Golden Monk (PC version only)

Golden Monk

The Golden Monk is trapped in a coffin in the City of Gold.

Van Helsing

Van Helsing Vampire Hunter

This coffin is at the top of the castle in the Haunted Castle secret level.

Robot (PC version only)


The robot can be found in the secret Mothership area. You can find this area by entering the big building to the side of the level on level 3-4 "It feels like the fourth of July". The robot is in a pod (not a coffin), usually close to the Alien Queen.

Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy

Meat Boy can be found in the Worm secret level, near the bottom in a goo sac (not a coffin).

Other Characters

Jungle Warrior

Jungle Tribal Warrior

This character is automatically unlocked when you defeat Olmec and finish the game by exiting the level. Shortcuts are allowed.



Yang is automatically unlocked when you defeat King Yama (in Hell) and finish the game by exiting the level.

Cyclops (PC version only)


The Cyclops can be found in a Hired Hand stall in the Black Market. You can either buy him, or anger the shopkeepers (try whipping him).

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Ok, that's an answer for the PC version (+1), if you could confirm which of those are available on the XBox version you can have the answer too :-) – Keith Dec 18 '13 at 11:54
All of the characters marked "PC version" are available on the XBLA version as well, but they're only available through paid DLC. I don't know offhand about the PS3 version. – CloudyMusic Dec 18 '13 at 20:42
@cloudymusic I've already mentioned this at the beginning of my post – shea Dec 19 '13 at 5:36

There are 4 secondary coloured (yellow, lime, cyan and purple) characters that randomly appear in a coffin:

yellow lime cyan purple

The jaguar warrior character is unlocked by beating the game:

jaguar warrior

Super meat boy is found in a green sack near the bottom of the secret worm level:

super meat boy

In a coffin in the secret haunted castle level is the vampire hunter:

vampire hunter

Finally, Yang can be unlocked after beating the secret hell level:


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very cool man!!!! – Scribblenautical Jul 10 '12 at 20:48
To confirm, you unlock Yang if you complete Hell. – CloudyMusic Jan 7 '13 at 20:37

Alternatively, if you are familiar with hex editing, you can change bytes 0A20, 0A24, ..., 0A60 to 01 in spelunky_save.sav, giving you all the characters Keith mentioned, plus a robot, an ogre, a girl in green, etc.

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Sorry, someone edited my question, I'm asking specifically about the Xbox 360 version of Spelunky - not how to hack the PC version (original or HD) – Keith Aug 28 '13 at 7:11

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