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Can I edit the powers of my soldier class? Add powers from Adept class and remove my basic ammo abilities? Can I do it by editing Coalesced.bin? What I must to do?

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pretty sure you can, just don't play online with that modified file – l I Jul 13 '12 at 12:33

You can use gibbed mass effect save editor and go in raw->player->power->collection and edit to your heart's content.

Take note however that you CAN'T remove default powers and in order to keep non bonus powers you have to type:

Set SFXPowerCustomActionBase IsBonusPower true

in the console every time you start up the game.

It's a pretty crappy work around but I haven't seen anything better yet. They should have added a custom class option to make things more interesting.

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Yes, you can edit your Coalesced.bin. Just be careful not to go into multiplayer with an edited Coalesced. You risk getting a ban. Make a copy before you do any editing.

That's the only workaround I can find. You must re-enable them at game reloads and new mission starts.

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No, not without altering the game (possibly causing the need to re-install it)

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