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I have just had a horrible day of ranked. Well, not excactly a huge losing streak but 4 losses in a row. (I am in the 1500 range atm).

How do you guys keep a positive outlook, or "keep winning" when on a losing streak?

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Take a break after two losses in a row and do something else and play again when you're in a good mood. It can get very frustrating losing one game, let alone a streak. The more frustrated you are, the less likely you're going to win. Watch YouTube videos or play another game, etc.

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The way I've done it: If I win: play again If I lose: wait 10 mins, go for a walk, eat something, play a different game, just try to get the loss out of my head and focus on something different before trying a game. I do tend to stop playing as soon as I lose again because I think starting fresh definitely helps, especially in "elo hell".

Just remember, you're playing for fun. If you lose once, twice, you ain't having fun. So stop, try something different. It's easy to lose a couple of games and then enter another with a really negative attitude and end up demoralizing your team causing another loss.

It snowballs, so try to break the pattern and you'll soon find that your ELO will soon sky-rocket :D

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