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The Game is Master of Orion 2, any keyboard hotkeys that can be used to assist someone in designing the plans for a spaceship?

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Unfortunately, there do not appear to be any keyboard shortcuts for designing ships. I found a PDF version of the Master of Orion II manual online. In Section 8: Ships there is a sub section for Designing Your Own (page 110 in the pdf). This only describes how to use the interface using a mouse, with no mention of keyboard accelerator keys. In the actual game screen itself, you'll notice that there is no indication (tooltip or underlined char etc.) for a keyboard shortcut on any section.

Additionally, though I have played last a long time ago - I remember trying to use keys to navigate, and even that does not work (though it would be simpler than hotkeys for different sections). The game itself needs a mouse anyway, so I guess they did not see a need for alternate input methods in the design or construction screens.

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