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They are never played in tournaments and don't seem very strong in general. Is it just the free flash they get? Is it because they are countered by vision?

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Could you please show statistically that Kassadin and Shaco are banned more often than other champions? Or banned more often in solo queue than in premade's. As the question stands, somebody could make the argument that, "No, they aren't banned more often in solo queue than other champions." Then we would have misleading answers to a misleading question. – Atav32 Jul 17 '12 at 14:10

They are very strong in low elo solo q becouse of their amazing roaming potential. Good gank from either kassadin or shaco is just incredibly strong, and on low elo solo q ppl dont know how to counter it (how to place wards against shaco, how to communicate fast enough to prevent ganks) which makes them win early game for their team easly. Also kassa is just a very strong mid laner which counters more champions than he is countered by, so if hes picked after enemy mid champion he's probly going to have easy lane.

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People don't have map awareness most of the time and they can snowball lanes fairly easily.

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They are banned because people are afraid of kassadin;s ult as a source of damage,ganks and way to escape.Nevertheless Kass is easy to counter by Galio or Talon. I Don't ban him.

Shaco's Deceive is a bit scary for ganking nad not as easy to counter ( by vision or good placed wards in his jungle). I don't ban him because there are always stronger champions i must ban, but i don't like playing against him

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shaco is a very strong early ganker and can give a lane a massive advantage. kass has a lot of mobility and once he gets level 6 and blue buff he can more around the map very fast and gank, also if you do not know how to deal with him killing him because a massive problem because he just rift walks away.

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They are banned in solo queue because they're strong snowball champions that roam well.

Shaco specifically because of his ganks, and the fact that you need good communication and ward coverage to shut him down, neither of which you find a lot of in solo queue.

Kassadin is an anti-mage champion that shuts down a number of mid champs and snowballs very hard and has a lot of roam capability.

Simply these champions are banned because nobody in solo queue wants to deal with them.

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Sometimes, a hero can dominate the meta in a certain elo bracket, due to buffs or lack of counterplay understanding, and then counterplay understanding occurs, or the hero in question is nerfed, but the elo bracket continues banning those heroes because it's just a habit that doesn't die. This is the case with shaco and kassadin. In the case of Shaco and Kassadin, both are incredibly easy to shut down with counterplay and are incredibly bad bans against heroes that truly impact the game with ease as of July 15th 2012, such as Malphite, Shen, Alistar, Blitzcrank, Nautilus, Nocturne, Twisted Fate, Karthus, Soraka, etc.

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