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I was watching the a live stream of someone playing DayZ while he was going back to his tent and it showed a bunch of forbidden item such as the M24 Desert and AS50 TWS.

I could not see the server or his nick name since he hid it on the stream. However, I do know the location of his stash:

  • 103 117 and the time was 7/17/12 15:00±5hours.

(The tent area was in the water located at Topolka Dam)

There were also some phenomena nearby that I saw in the video

  • In the north side of Elecktro, there was a forest fire which set up 60~120m height of black smoke.

Is this sufficient information to report or locate the cheater?

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Your information is not sufficient to report the player because you don't know the server name or address. The guidelines for reporting cheaters are posted in a sticky on the DayZ forums. If you can gather the minimum required info, you can report the cheater in the Cheat Reporting section of those forums.

Required Information:

  • Server where cheating occurred.
  • Time that it happened including your timezone.
  • What happened during the incident.


  • Video proof
  • Pictures
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You can report cheaters by using the official community forums: Cheat Reporting - Day Z Forums

EDIT: Sorry, I didn't see the end of the question, I do not know if this is sufficient evidence to report the cheater, just post a thread and see what they say. I personally do not play this mod, so I wouldn't know myself. All I know is that this game suffers greatly from cheaters.

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