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I play a lot of solo queue and sometimes I will duo queue with someone I know and use some kind of voice comm. (skype, mumble, etc) but I was thinking that it would be great to get people onto voice chat when playing solo.

It would have to happen during champion select. As soon as you are in the banning phase you could tell everyone how to get onto the voice chat and hope that some of the other players have the appropriate software and are able to get on in time.

Which piece of software would lend itself to doing this? I have considered telling people to add me to skype while in champion select for example. The software should be free in my opinion. Some software needs a server setup and so this needs to be considered.

Are there risks involved with this? There are a lot of immature people who play LOL and I wouldn't necessarily want them to know my skype ID. The software of choice should mitigate any potential risks.

The advantages would be that with voice comm your team could coordinate a lot better.

I would love to hear some solutions and actually try to do this. I will try to answer my own question as well.

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Hi @Pugzebub, unfortunately I'm voting to close your question as off-topic. Requesting recommendations for voicechat software is not allowed on the site, as requests for catalogs/lists are disallowed as per our FAQ due to problems with inaccurate voting (people upvoting software they like rather than high quality answers), list maintenance (keeping a list of all software that meets the criteria up to date), and subjectivity (which programs fit your criteria? how do we determine that?). We can't re-frame this question into a practical problem that we can solve for you, because it's... – FAE Jul 18 '12 at 20:52
essentially more of a social problem ("How can I wrangle strangers into being willing to hop onto voicechat software during champ selection?") than a gaming problem when you remove the software recommendation aspects. This is not really within our scope. Sorry! If you'd like, you can join our chat if you have questions like this, but such problems are not within our purview. – FAE Jul 18 '12 at 20:54
I think if you rephrase the question to make it less of a "suggest a voip program" question it could work. However, in it's current state it's not fit for – dbemerlin Jul 19 '12 at 8:54

Well here is a list of the most commonly used (as far as I've seen) communication programs. Skype - Most people have it, easy to add people, if they ARE annoying / ragers / trolls you need only ignore or bad them on skype (which I think is possible but I'm not 100% sure as I don't use skype TOO much anymore) Ventrillo - Small time frame to add a server to the list and join, people very easily bannable if they displease you, problem is it costs monthly to have a server. Teamspeak - Aslo very popular, last I checked servers are free but have limited space (shouldn't be an issue for 5 people though, I could be wrong about free though, it's been awhile since I talked to someone about prices of teamspeak servers), also easy to ban / kick people and change the password so they can't reconnect. All of these programs serve the purpose you asked for and should be viable means for voice chat with people on league, and as you already stated just telling them about it in champion select and hoping they join is the best you can do right now, hopefully sometime in the future Riot will put in a built in voice chat function like world of warcraft, but hopefully with an ignore / mute button for anyone who's voice / attitude is displeasing.

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Skype is a good solution because it is easy to join.

type /get uri

This will provide a link for players to join your skype call

More information can be found at

Concerned about your userid? Create a separate skype account for your League of Legends calls then.

I wouldn't use teamspeak 3 because it takes longer to get connected. Also with skype, you do not have to waste time pushing a key to talk. Team speaks has similar function but doesn't work as well all the time.

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That's just false. Teamspeak doesn't take longer to get connected (except you join a server on the other side of the world with Modem connection). Also teamspeak doesn't need Push-To-Talk, it has voice activation as well. You just need to configure TS and oyur headset properly, but same about skype, so I don't think your arguments against TS3 count... – Toby Jul 19 '12 at 8:47
@Toby What do you think takes longer to connect? Clicking a link in skype or typing information for team speak in from the league of legends screen? Post your actual times of doing that and tell me which is quicker. I haven't tested it but I would think CLICKING a link would be faster. Also I mentioned "Team speaks has similar function but doesn't work as well all the time." So I'm not really sure why you put that in your comment unless you didn't read that line at all. – ponsfonze Jul 19 '12 at 17:11
If you refer to the word "Connection" it actually means how long the program needs to establish a way over the network/internet to the other client. What you refer two is the whole process of "Starting, Typing in password etc" which is actually not "Connecting". Bur nevermind question as been closed anyway – Toby Jul 20 '12 at 10:52

I think Teamspeak 3 is the most viable choice for that, because

1. It's very widespread

Many people have it and many people use it. No one will start installing some new voice Software they don't have just because you ask them too. The only alternative from this point of view would be Skype, which leads me to:

2. No Contact List

Skype uses a contact list, means you will have to add everyone you're playing with to that list. I think it's also a matter of personal taste, because I don't want to have all those random people knowing my Skype ID (where I also use picture and real name). Especially regarding the fact how many trollers and idiots are out there in the LoL community. Of course you can make a second Skype account, but I think that's more effort than just using teamspeak.

Furthermore I think that other people rather join a teamspeak server instead of adding you (because of the same reasons I listed above - they can't know if you're just a random idiot)

The only downside with teamspeak is the fact that you need a server. If you have already one it should be no problem. Otherwise you need to host/rent your own. An alternative would be just to use some public servers, but there are sometimes random people who want to disrupt you all the time.


I think that Teamspeak is the better choice, but regarding the fact that so many of the people in the LoL community are trolls and stuff I don't even consider going on voice in Solo Q.

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