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I want to upload a replay that contains offensive chat messages. How can I remove them?

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You need to download some MPQ editor, like Ladik MPQ Editor.

Here are the steps you need to execute:

  • Make a new directory like C:\mpqeditor\
  • Copy MPQEditor.exe to C:\mpqeditor
  • Copy the replay to C:\mpqeditor\game.SC2Replay
  • Create a new empty file with Notepad and save it as C:\mpqeditor\ (make sure it is not
  • Create a new file C:\mpqeditor\script.txt in Notepad and copy this code into it:
o "game.SC2Replay"
d "game.SC2Replay"
a "game.SC2Replay"
c "game.SC2Replay"
  • Open cmd and exectue cd C:\mpqeditor. You might need to open cmd as Administrator for some reason.
  • Execute MPQEditor.exe /console script.txt

You can even create batch job out of this, see original source for further instructions.

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