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I've never seen a single Gragas in a tournament, maybe I'm just missing all the games where they show up, but why is he not picked more often?

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This is a duplicate of a previously closed thread:… – timlan Jul 22 '12 at 23:47

Like said before, more pro teams have been using sustained AP in their meta rather than burst, but there's another reason he's not played.

All of his damage skills are skill shots. If they dodge your stuff you are totally screwed and all your damage is off. Most his skill shots are dodge able without too much effort as you can see barrels rolling and his body slam damage is only available if you go deep into the enemy team making it hard to build bursty and tanky so you can still use this damage.

In Short: All damage skills are skill shots that aren't too hard to dodge. Making him a bit weaker.

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TSM is using it, Alternate also. You can watch the scrim against orbit (tsmtournaments on right now, they used grag in the first game

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Competitive teams seem to favor AP champions with sustained damage over bursty ones.

That said, that does not mean he is not viable at all! If you are a good Gragas player you should not let its lack of competitive showing hinder you of playing him.

If you want to watch Gragas in tournament action I recommend you watch VODs at, where you can filter games by champions. However, I'm not so sure how regular that section is updated.

Hope this helps

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"Another past used champion. He was a great choice in the burst meta, and I think currently he is one of the few burst mages that could see his way back into a common pick. His ultimate when well aimed can pick up kills very easily, and isn't on too long of a cooldown. One thing that seems to be underestimated about him is that his Q slows attack speed. If players had a bit more focus on who they should really be using their spells on, I think Gragas could stumble his way back into the tournament scene."

Quoted from here.

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