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Possible Duplicate:
Disenchanting diminished return

This answer states that the strength of the enchantment doesn't matter when disenchanting items to learn new enchantments.

Am I reading that right? If I have novice robes with 50% faster regen and disenchant it and my enchantment skill is at 5/5, when I enchant that item will it be the same result as disenchanting master robes with 150% faster regen? Because if you do the math, 5/5 enchanting will give you 100% better enchantment.

Therefore wouldn't it be better to disenchant more powerful items than weaker ones?

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No. There is no difference.

When you disenchant an item you simply learn the "base enchant".

The strength of the enchant you apply to a weapon is a combination of the soul gem, your enchanting skill, your enchanting perks, and other enchanting modifiers (like armor or potions). As seen here:

net magnitude = base magnitude * soul multiplier * skill multiplier 
                * (1 + Enchanter perk) * (1 + specific perk modifier)

That is, if you disenchant a novice level '+1 Health' Hide Helmet or a master level '+30 Health' Daedric Armor, you learn the same base enchant.

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