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Steam, the other day, offered to keep my drivers for my ATI Radeon card up to date. I thought that's not a bad idea because the number of updates I get can be a bit annoying, so I'm fine to let Steam do it for me.

I let it download and install, and now I'm the not-so-proud owner of the ATI Vision Engine Control Center, something I despise due to the extra crud and bloatware that comes with it. Can I ask Steam to install just the drivers and leave the extra stuff alone?

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  • Open Control Panel, and there the Programs and Features

  • Find AMD Catalyst Install Manager. Click on "Change".

  • Choose Uninstall Manager from the list.

Uncheck AMD Catalyst Control Center, and finish the uninstall process. You probably won't have to restart the computer, but do it, if required.

Here you can find a how-to describing a complete uninstall, which you might as well choose.

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Not worth it really. Just download the Drivers from ATI's site and choose what you want to install. It's always better to have more control when you install drivers etc

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