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So I have a media/gaming box set up, along with some hacky bluetooth/dualshock 3 drivers for primary controllers. It actually works pretty well as it is for singleplayer or two-player games. The issue comes when I plug in a third and fourth controller, which are wired USB deals (an Xbox 360 Wired pad and a PS2 controller through an old RadioShack adapter.) The issue is that while the DS3s are assigned Controller ID 1 and 2 when they power on, as soon as one of the USB pads gets plugged in, it commandeers the "earlier" controller IDs. This works okay for some things (like Dolphin) where I can assign a specific device by driver to a specific controller. It doesn't work so well for other things (like MAME) which operate solely on controller ID: the DS3 bindings for player 1 are suddenly applied to the 360 pad or the USB controller.

Thus, the question. When I plug in the wired pads, I'd either like Windows to recognize that two gamepad devices are already attached (via bluetooth) and PROPERLY assign it to ID 3, or alternatively a way (via software) to forcibly reassign controller IDs so I don't have to futz with MAME's mappings every time I plug in new controllers and then again when I unplug them. Please help!

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