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My friend and I were able to get in the leaderboard top 100 on the later levels (likely because it's only been out a day) by spamming coin-forges and using coin-trinkets. However, the top few scores still have 3 TIMES (!?!) as many points as we do. Also, in the first couple of levels, we can't even break 2,000th place.

I have a feeling we're doing something wrong. How does the scoring work? How do the top players get so many points?

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The loading tips say that increasing combos and killstreaks can double or triple your score. I believe combos are initiated by several different traps damaging the orcs at the same time. – Frank Jul 31 '12 at 17:22

I can't confirm this because I haven't played enough, but it seems like the scoring is pretty similar to OMD 1, so you might find this question useful. It links to a post on Robot Entertainments blog that has the point values for various combos and whatnot.

Aside from, getting high combo scores has been the best for points as far as I can tell. So combine a lot of different trap types with magic/attacks to get higher scores, each type of different damage source should increase your combo (ie, combo only increases once per type of trap that hits an enemy). I don't believe that coin forges actually help with your score, they just increase the amount of coins you have to spend during that level, so replace them with tar/fire traps to increase your combo multipliers.

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I managed to get #113 on Chasm, more or less by raw chance. Most of my score was from "Skull Score", which got me a bonus 100,000 points, apparently because I picked up 11 bonus skulls (and one for getting my first 5-skull victory).

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