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I've completed all 8 Elite dungeons, and have Blue QL 10 Talismans in every slot! Obviously, the next step is Nightmare modes! But in order to run those, I have to first defeat The Gatekeeper. I'm primarily set up as a Tank (Blade/Chaos if it's important).

How do I defeat this mode? I've figured out that I need to keep him faced away from the green dude that's going to kill him for me, but he seems to periodically one shot me and I just can't avoid it. What am I missing? Are there further phases or mechanics to the fight?

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Here is a video that shows the Gatekeeper fight as a tank;

As you mention you need to ensure that 'A friend' (the green dude) is behind the Gatekeeper, so that when he performs his 'Burning Light' attack your friend isn't destroyed.

I think the ability you have been one shot by is the 'Gaia Core' ability which can be seen in the above video being cast at approximately 1 minute 3 seconds - this ability seemingly hits for far more health than you'll ever have (1099681 in some combat logs) as filth damage, and needs to be interrupted.

As the fight progresses the Gatekeeper will spawn minions, which also need to be tanked, but don't need killing.

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