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On Raptr, can I manually track multiple games at once or will it only manually track one at a time? If manually tracking multiple games at once is not possible, which one will be tracked - the first one, or the latest one that I set up for manual tracking?

Will manual tracking stop if I play another game while the manual tracker is "running"?

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Ok, I managed to find the answer to my question (reference):

4.3. Manual Tracking FAQS
Q: What happens if I set more than one game to track at once? A: Nothing, they will all track fine, with no issues. Every game is considered separate from the others, so tracking 2 (or 20, or 2000) at once, even some of them automatically and some manually, will cause no issues. The only thing you shouldn't do is track the exact same game both automatically and manually at the same time.

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