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Sometimes when you try to fast travel, you are unable to and a message is displayed that tells you that you cannot fast travel with enemies nearby. What determines when enemies are "nearby"?

Is it purely distance? Or are there other things that factor into it?

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Sometimes, there are no enemies around at all, and that message still appears. In this case, just walk about 10 meters forward, and try again.

You will get it eventually.

(Enemies are 'nearby' when they are hostile. If they cant see you, then you are safe, and can fast travel.)

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Look around on your compass, that bar like thing on top of your screen. Then find red dots, and kill them.

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It's not necessary to kill them, just make sure you are a certain distance away from them and not aggroed by them. The main factor is indeed distance, mobs that are not currently trying to attack you within that range (I don't know any numbers) will prevent you from fast traveling/waiting/sleeping as well as attacking mobs. – Assile Aug 5 '12 at 11:45

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