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Using Minecraft 1.3, a single player map can be opened up for LAN play.

How do you change where other players will spawn?

I know how to change my own spawn point (by using a bed), but how can I change where other players on the LAN will spawn when they join in?

The original place I spawned in this world is a very long walk from where I am now, and my wife wants to join in without having to walk the whole way there.

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Can't be that far of a walk. Just tape down your forward arrow key and go watch a movie ;) – hammythepig Aug 7 '12 at 13:47
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Pretty sure you can't do this without using a world editing program. Just have your wife join, teleport her, and have her sleep in a bed.

You can teleport like this:
/tp [wife's username] [your username]

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Edit the spawn coordinates in the level.dat file for your World. You can use MCEdit to do this very easily.

As of Minecraft 1.7.2 you can use the /setworldspawn command to do this without using external programs.

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There is no way to set a new spawn in smp

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