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I'm trying to buy a used 120 GB hard drive online. Many of the listings have photographs of HDDs which don't have a size etched on the top, but still claim to be 120 GB. Is that possible? Does anybody own an unlabeled 120 GB drive?

Edit: We can generally assume these have not been modified, imagine a semi-literate ebay seller.

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You can install 3rd party hard drives just fine on the Xbox 360. If the above user did that it would be unlabeled.

So YES! it is completly possible tor a 120 GB hard drive to be unlabeled. If you want to do this your self, it is a very easy process. More information on that can be found here.

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Good point! In my particular case, the seller replied to my inquiry with "there is a code on the back i searched it and it said 120 gb harddrive", so I'm guessing this one is unmodified. – Tyler Aug 10 '12 at 16:23

This is not a definite answer, but this seller eventually realized he was mistaken about the capacity. If you're looking to buy a used HDD, you should be extremely skeptical if there's no label on the metallic strip and it's advertised to be more than 20 GB.

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