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I tried my best with the 2 boxes available but so far I had to get the upgrade to jump on the cargo section.

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The jump upgrade is the easiest way to obtain it, but not the only way. A couple other ways:

  • Using the Icarus Landing System
  • Stacking three or more boxes to allow you to survive the fall. More items can be found down the adjacent shaft


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Not sure what you mean by surviving the fall since that is not really an issue. I did find more boxes in the stasis pod area but I have to to back track my save a bit to make that possible. I decided to just get the upgrade. – wtjones Aug 11 '12 at 21:04

I don't understand which fall SaintWacko means, but I definitely was able to get to the spot of the Tranquilizer Rifle (behind the stasis pod) by using the two boxes in a very similiar way like in this achievement guide for Never Forget on YouTube. No augmentations are needed because this one can be achieved as one of nine available Factory Zero-playthrough achievements.

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