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In Guild Wars 2 each character has a bank that they can store items in. One of the nice features is that it has a section for storing "collectibles" such as crafting materials. Guilds can also unlock a storage vault. Does this vault allow for storing collectibles in a similar manner?

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I don't remember seeing this in the beta, maybe it will be implemented? – Bayrattack Aug 13 '12 at 16:27

If you look at the official wiki for Shared Storage vs Account Storage there is no mention that Shared Storage has a collectables area. It was not present during the beta so unless it get added for launch the answer is no. However, you can put a collectable into shared storage. It just doesn't have a separate tab for it and counts as a space used in your overall storage where is is a separate item in your account vault.

Just confirming post-beta that Guild Storage does not have a separate area for Collectables:

enter image description here

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