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I've noticed that sometimes when I play Awesomenauts, I'll teleport back to the shop to buy items, and everything I've purchased up to that point has to be purchased again.

I'm assuming this is a bug, but I'm really hoping it's intended behavior. As in, I bought Damage +2, played a bit, teleported back, and had to buy Damage +2 again, giving me a total of +4 Damage. However, I worry that this is not the case.

Why does it make me repurchase items?

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Some items you can buy more than once, so they provide the same bonus twice. I think the max you can buy most items is twice, though. It turns green once you've bought it the max number of times. – Frank Aug 12 '12 at 14:54
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Every time you can purchase an item multiple times, it is an upgrade and the bonuses are cumulative. The Awesomenauts Wiki shows these levels under each ability's tech trees. The bonuses it lists are the total bonuses at that level.

enter image description here

Here, each time Spiked Tongue Piercing is available for purchase in game, it will list +3 Damage.

As mentioned, once you have maxed out a particular upgrade, it will become green in the shop.

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