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I am having a problem with Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I have been playing without any problems, but after a couple of weeks I began experiencing issues with the game getting stuck on loading screens.

After exiting or after dieing, the game is getting stuck on a loading screen. I am able to continue playing the game only after clicking 'Load Previous Auto-Save'.

I have checked on Google for other people experiencing this issue, but didn't find anything.

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Is your pc set to run at full performance. Mine did the same until I increased its performance in the control panel. Unlike you, though, I could not load previous saves.

How long have you waited on the loading screen? My machine usually takes 7 minutes to load.

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I didn't install Update for the game. After installing the update problem was disappeared. – Farhad Jabiyev Jul 19 '13 at 7:16

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