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The PC release of The Amazing Spider-Man seems to have changed the way you unlock special costumes. The tooltip says you unlock them by completing story and side missions, but which story and side missions unlock which costumes?

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6 Answers

I unlocked new black suit to complete game 100%.

I unlocked Big Time to do every side boss fight complete.

I unlocked Future Foundation to do every Oscorp secret laps.

I unlocked Classic Black suit to do game half through.

I unlocked Negetive Zone with done all the Xtreme Challenges.

I also unlocked Scarlet Spider(2012) with collect 700 piece of the comic book.

I unlocked Classic Suit to download any DLC.

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I unlocked the black suit after I completed Chapter 4 or 5. I am now about to unlock the Negative Zone suit. I unlocked the big time suit and the no belt default suit after chapter 2.

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Could you make a list of the ones you have unlock and at what chapter?! –  Michel Dec 10 '12 at 12:20
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I unlocked the cross species suit after completing the game.

I unlocked the Big Time suit after completing the chapter 02 "Escape Impossible".

I unlocked the classic black suit after making some progress in the game.

I also unlocked the Future Foundation suit by completing the green icon missions in which you have to collect secret information and take some photographs for the article in Oscorp's secret lab. Those icons are green-coloured and you will find them on your cell phone but be careful over there because security in these labs are not a laughing thing.

There are also some sewers type of green icon which is poisoning the drinking water of the people. you have to fight with some of the infected enemies, Rhino and the Chameleon.

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If you wanna unlock all suits just do all of the side missions and you have all but the DLC you need to download :P

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I know how to unlock some suits:

  • Black Suit: progress through the half of the game.
  • Future foundation: complete all crimes and green side missions.
  • Negative Zone: complete all xtreme challenges.
  • Scarlet Spider:collect all 700 comics.
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I unlocked the Future Foundation costume after I completed all the side quests that have the Green icons located on your cell phone map, where you typically have to either investigate the sewers or something in Oscorp.

I also unlocked the Classic Black Suit after making some progress within the story.

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