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In TF2's new Mann Mode, each of the levels has at least 3 different missions that the team can play against. I assume the various Missions are different robot wave templates.

Lately my wife and I have been running a Mann Mode server, but I can't seem to google how to switch to any other than the default normal Mann missions.

I'm curious what is the server command to switch Mann mode missions?

How does a server admin switch Mann vs Machine missions?

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By default you can call a vote to change the mission difficulty, although this requires a majority to change. This option is called sv_vote_issue_mvm_challenge_allowed and should be set to 1 for this to work.

If you wish to change via console command use tf_mvm_skill with 3 being normal and 5 being advanced2. Although this console command requires sv_cheats 1 to be set. This means no achievement can be got until it is set back to 0 and the map is restarted.

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Nice, I assume 4 is advanced1. – Mark Rogers Aug 21 '12 at 14:30

make a cfg file for all 3 MvM maps:

mvm_coaltown.cfg, mvm_decoy.cfg, mvm_mannworks.cfg

use this format to force modes:

tf_mvm_popfile "mvm_mannworks_ironman"


tf_mvm_popfile "mvm_mannworks"             // Manouvers (invasion, easy)
tf_mvm_popfile "mvm_mannworks_advanced"    // Machine Massacre (invasion, normal)
tf_mvm_popfile "mvm_mannworks_ironman"     // Mech Mutilation (endurance, expert)
tf_mvm_popfile "mvm_coaltown"              // Crash Course (invasion, easy)
tf_mvm_popfile "mvm_coaltown_advanced"     // Ctrl+Alt+Destruction (invasion, normal)
tf_mvm_popfile "mvm_coaltown_advanced2"    // CPU Slaughter (invasion, advanced)
tf_mvm_popfile "mvm_decoy"                 // Doe's Drill (invasion, easy)
tf_mvm_popfile "mvm_decoy_advanced"        // Disk Deletion (invasion, advanced)
tf_mvm_popfile "mvm_decoy_advanced2"       // Data Demolition (invasion, advanced)
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