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When looking through engineering assignments, they often require officers with resolve, though I cant seem to find any to buy. There are even some assignments where "Resolve" is listed as the main requirement, where it might say "Geologist" or "Botanist".

What kind of officers have resolve, and where can I acquire them?

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You can buy packs from the C-store that have a random chance to produce personnel with the resolve stat.

It's possible to win these duty personnel buy completing certain random duty missions.

Lastly, if you have the patience, you could check the Exchange; there's no way to search for that particular stat however.

The following duty officer can be obtained at the Academy by exchanging 5 green quality duty officers:

  • Name: Voloror
  • Race: Vulcan (Female)
  • Rank: Lt. Junior
  • Dept: Security
  • Specialization: Security Officer Ground
  • Traits: Tactful, FF, Logical, Resolve, Telepathic
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thanks, was pretty new to the game at the time –  jimmyjambles Sep 25 '12 at 16:31

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