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I got the "Failed to enumerate subscribed files" error, which I know means that I have over 50 subscribed files.

Thing is, I didn't. I thought one of them was bugged, so I favorited them all and unsubscribed. I still received the message with no mods installed.

All the mods I had were working at the same time, and I don't see any changes I did that were so horrible.

Does anyone know the solution?

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Try uninstalling and reinstalling Skyrim? – kotekzot Aug 24 '12 at 8:57

This forum thread over at the Steam forums has a comment by a user with the username suchotek having a similar problem to you, having only a handful of modifications installed but receiving an error indicating more than 50.

This person fixed the issue by removing the following registry key;


As always, remember to backup your registry before making any changes.

This forum thread also has a couple of suggestions to prevent this from happening in the future;

  • To have a mod installed you don't have to be subscribed to it, unsubscribe to mods that are stable and you don't think will receive further updates, then you can subscribe to more
  • The 50 mod limit is specific to Steam Worksop, mods installed in Nexus do not count towards this limit

It is mentioned that this issue is a bug, but I don't have anything beyond a forum post to cite so this is possibly untrue, and this could have how Valve intended this to work. For more discussion in relation to this issue check out this long thread, also on the Steam forums.

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Yeah - I put that in there so that if anybody came back saying "ZOMG I FOLLOWED YOUR INSTRUCTIONS AND IT BROKE!" I can point to the backup line and not lose sleep – kalina Jun 20 '13 at 15:19

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