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I've been tracking down the lost College apprentices, and Rundi was nowhere to be found. Annoyed, I prid him and found that he was deleted (the console selector read ''(000d4ffa)[D]). Ilas-Tel, another lost apprentice of the College, had also suffered the same fate. What could have caused an innocent corpse to become deleted and is there any way for me to recover it? Could it be caused by him being raised and then turning into an ash pile?

I've disabled all active plugins to make sure it wasn't just a dirty edit somehwere, but he remained deleted.

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In this case it's probably "safe" to use placeatme to spawn a copy. It will add just that much more data to your save if it works, though. – SevenSidedDie Nov 23 '12 at 16:29
Does the enable console command work on the deleted object? Also, try it with the moveto player console command, to check if a body appears near you. – galacticninja Nov 24 '12 at 4:47
@galacticninja I've tried all of that, it doesn't work. – kotekzot Nov 24 '12 at 5:11
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I don't think a 'deleted' object can be restored (unlike a 'disabled' object).


There is no way to create a reversal for the markfordelete command that I have found in my research. I have not found a way to reverse this command once it is entered as it creates a permanent flag on the item to never render it or allow scripts to run for/including it, and it does not seem to be a toggle type command that can be turned on or off. The best way to think of the console is that it is the "master script" for the game that you are live editing when you enter a command: that is why all of the warnings on using the console for anything. This is no help to you, I know: I hope it is a warning to others though

A thread in the Skyrim Steam forum seems to suggest the same thing. In the same thread, though, a user suggested to use the resetinterior console command (resets an entire cell) while outside the cell, to try the restore the deleted object in the cell. I'm not sure if this will have negative effects (although I assume it will).

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