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I can see I already have some titles, and I can choose them from the achievements tab in the hero panel. But I am not sure where do they come from.

For example, I have the title 'traveler'. I assume I got this because I have some achievements in the explorer category, but I am not sure.

Is there any way to tell? or figure progression into a particular title, not just achievements?

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The "Traveler" title comes from linking your account to GW1 and having at least 5 HoM points. – William Lawn Stewart Aug 28 '12 at 12:25
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Your best bet would be to look at one of the Guild Wars 2 databases. Below is links to the achievements sections of the two I use:

There is also a titles section on the official GW2 Wiki.

Keep in mind that given how new the game is, a lot of these will be incomplete.

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+1, thanks for the links, it's nice knowing these titles. What I was hoping for, though, is some way to tell how far am I from reaching these titles. Maybe I'm too influenced by the Guild Wars 1 style, where I could easily tell, but in Guild Wars 2 I just haven't figured this out yet, and I wonder if anyone knows – stoldark Aug 28 '12 at 14:44

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