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I have Puzzle Quest on Steam, and it supports Steam Cloud. I know that I had a save file in this game, but when I installed it and tried to play it, I did not have my saved game.

I tried to uncheck the "Enable Steam Cloud synchronization" checkbox in the settings window, and then closed the window, opened it, and rechecked the box. I also tried exiting and restarting Steam, verifying the game cache, and reinstalling the game. After doing all of these I still do not have the save file.

How can I force Steam to download my save file from the cloud?

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This thread from the Steam Forums might help – kalina Aug 27 '12 at 23:57
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It turns out that the Steam Cloud saves do download automatically. However, you have to click "Single Player" and then "Back" to get the option to continue, as discovered in this thread.

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