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As Counter Strike: Source is also a graphics improved version of original CS.

But what are new features in Global Offensive and how they differs from Counter Strike: Source?

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Mostly subjective, really. Some people like CS:S, some people don't. Here are some of the differences. CS:GO has:

  • Smaller hitboxes
  • Less clutter on maps to block movement
  • Tighter recoil (spray and pray does not work well)
  • New weapons (a few pistols, shotguns, smgs, mgs)
  • New grenades (decoy and flame)
  • Better graphics

Some actual improvements:

  • Gungame and Deathmatch modes built into game
  • Matchmaking
  • Rating system
  • Elo system
  • Arranged team matchmaking
  • CS:GO TV, a significant improvement over previous iterations.
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