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I have quite a few items with sigils in my inventory (i.e. Minor Sigil of Corruption gives +5 condition damage with every kill). I'd like to salvage the items for the sigils and then reapply the sigils to whatever weapon I'm currently using, but I'm concerned that I may lose the sigils if I do this.

If I salvage an item with a sigil, am I guaranteed to be rewarded with the sigil?

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No, if you read the description of the salvage kit, it tells you the percentage chance for it to recover upgrades. The best non-gem-store salvage kit has an 80% chance to recover items in sockets.

Here are all the salvage kits:

Crude        - "small chance"
Basic        - 20%
Fine         - 40%
Journeyman's - 60%
Master's     - 80%
Black Lion   - 100%

The Black Lion salvage kit can be bought from the gem store for 300 gems, and can also occasionally be found in Black Lion chests.


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