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I am playing as a rogue and I enjoy attacking from a distance with my bow. However, sometimes things get up close and personal. As opposed to Origins and Awakening, you can't have two sets of weapons, so I can't easily switch from a ranged weapon to melee weapons. Hawke however doesn't seem to care and goes off melee attacking foes when they get too close.

So how is that melee damage, while a bow is equipped, determined? Is it only Dexterity with no other modifier? Does the ranged weapon somehow affect the melee damage? Is it worth changing to daggers when things get too hot, or is the difference usually negligible?

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I haven't looked too closely, but I think the "damage per second" rating of the weapon applies the same for both types of attacks. My Hawke is a mage, but also switches to melee when enemies are close enough. –  YellowMegaMan Aug 30 '12 at 7:35
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The damage is calculated by what class you are. For example, Rouge skills off dex, the weapon that you have equipped, and enchantments on your weapons and armor.

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