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I am trying to build a plane to take me to the mountains. Problem is, I now need a magical gem to complete one of Billy's quests.

I have never seen this gem anywhere.

Where do I get it? Do I have to ask a friend for it, and hope they have one? Or is it something I can craft somewhere?

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Turns out you get the Magical Gem as a quest reward - a few hours or so after Billy asks you for the Magical Gem for his plane, Pepin will tell you about a family heirloom that he wants to give to you in exchange for a lotus flower. Once you craft the lotus flower for Pepin, he will give you the Magical Gem that Billy needs.

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I'm not sure time really has to pass. In my case, it was basically instant after Billy gave the other quest. – EBongo Apr 5 '13 at 23:03

Pepin will give you it after Billy gives you the quest and you give him a black lotus created by crafting three gold tulips, three blue tulips, and three red tulips.

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You will have to give Pepin the Lotus flower once you complete the quest he will give you the magical gem.

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Pepin will give you a magic gem after the family herloom quest.

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