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The spy's sapper can be a fairly decent fair to disable a large group of robots, though usually only have to leveling it up. It's also great for holding targets still for back-stabs.

The only problem is that when a spy saps a large robot, that robot will not stop moving or even attacking. The large robot does seem to visually glitch a little, you can see the sparking sapper, for instance, and the robot tends to bend over a little...(lol)

What effects does a sapper have on a large robot?

Does the sapper have any effects other than temporarily disabling a small robot and his allies?

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From the TF2 wiki:

Upgraded Sappers can disable robots in a radius and slow down giant robots to make them easier to destroy.

It seems that sappers don't actually stop giant robots, just slow them down.

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I saw this today in a tip section for the game as well. – Mark Rogers Sep 1 '12 at 22:23

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