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I recently completed Find Mii on my 3DS and unlocked Find Mii 2. When I started battling, I saw a new option that said "potion". I don't know what they are supposed to do. Are they used to heal a Mii or something?

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There are different potions you can buy, and they each do different things, and cost a different number of Play Coins to buy and use.

The potions are:

  • Vial of Valor - Calls back 3 heroes who have left the fight, costs 8 coins.
  • Power Potion - Boosts your heroes' levels, costs 20 coins.
  • Dispelling Draft - Gets rid of gas spewed by enemies (such as the curse gas which drops your fighters down by one level), costs 2 coins.
  • Bottled Barrier - Protects you against enemy magic, costs 2 coins.

Some important things to remember: Sometimes you will buy a potion, and it will not do anything. Also, when you buy a potion, make sure you have a Mii behind the one purchasing the potion who will then use it. If you buy a potion and there are no more Miis waiting to fight, you will waste the potion.

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Couple of notes — I've never had a Vial of Valor fail, and you can chain it forever as long as you have at least three Miis. The curse gas also gives a chance of actions failing entirely ("jinxed"). – Kevin Reid Sep 2 '12 at 15:08

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