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I'm trying to locate each of the Zoni, in part for the Zoni Collector trophy. Some of these are in optional areas so I'm looking for a sort of checklist.

If certain story-related or skill requirements must be met, can they be listed with each location?

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IGN has a nice full walkthrough which includes all the Zoni locations. To get there quickly, search the page for #ZONI. The second one will start the Zoni walkthrough.

If you're having a problem finding a specific Zoni, you can always head to YouTube and search for something like Ratchet and Clank Crack in Time Zone <Planet> and you'll almost always find a video walkthrough for finding the Zoni on that planet. I personally use videos more often because the text walkthroughs aren't always very detailed and can sometimes be confusing figuring out where they're starting from.

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