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In Fall From Heave 2 you have ancient forests as well as normal forests. Ancient forests are better, providing an extra food. In both Civ 4 and Fall From Heaven there are lumber mill that can be built in forests providing one production and leaving the forest.

Is there any disadvantage to building a lumber mill in an Ancient Forest? Is there any penalty as follower of the nature religion for doing so?

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So you can't build lumber mills on Ancient Forests.

To quote Kael

Partially roleplaying (we didnt like that the nature worshipping religion was able to chop down trees) but it was a balance decision as well. Ancient forests are already pretty cool, they would be to good if you could also drop a lumbermill on the tile and we didn't want the Fellowship to be an economic powerhouse.

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Apparently you can have this if the lumber mill was there first. I found this as I used culture to take tiles with lumber mills, and of course my culture caused those forests to become ancient. – C. Ross Oct 8 '10 at 19:35
@Cross Yes. You can't build a lumber mill on an Ancient Forest, but a forest with a lumber mill can become one. – tzenes Oct 8 '10 at 20:39

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