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Does the damage from Mind Wrack have diminishing returns?

The tooltip seems to imply that each successive illusion shattered deals less damage. Is this correct, or am I misreading the tooltip, and the shatter does more damage per shatter.

enter image description here

More generally, when a tooltip lists a skill as "2x", does that mean 2 hits at the listed damage, or the total damage, over two hits?

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This needs some testing before i can safely say it works that way. But as you shatter your clones you do some explosive damage. This would mean that the explossion from 1 illusion would do 85 damage. When you do it with more then 1 clone 3 for example, each one will explode with 150 damage, giving you 450 damage in total.

After some testing I have found out that it is just the total damage. The mind wrack tooltip shows 1 clone : 37 damage, 2 50 damage and 3 66 damage.

This is one clone, as you can see the explosion does 30 damage. Mind wrack 1 clone

This is 2 clones, as you can see the explosion does 21 damage but 2 times which gives 42 damage. Mind wrack 2 clones

This is 3 clones, the explosion now only does 19 damage but 3 times which gives 57 Mind wrack 3 clones

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Where is the zoom!? – David Yell Jan 22 '13 at 14:30
@DavidYell They are huge ass pictures, download, zoom and voila... or you can just trust me when i say the numbers are correct ;) – Lyrion Jan 23 '13 at 7:09

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