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There are no listed controls in the instructions, but I know about the arrow keys and the /nap and /me commands. Are there any other commands and controls?

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There are a few more commands, including /purr, /meow, and /screech.

You also get a different set of commands as a dog. To become a dog,

catch a mouse and bring it to the Dog Altar, accessible through the top-right corner of the Alley, East Side.

Once you've become a dog, you gain access to /howl, /bark, and /pant.

However, as a dog, you lose the ability to chat, instead sending a random amount of woofs. The cat commands /purr, /meow, and /screech are also lost to you, and you get a different sound effect when using /nap.

You can return to being a cat by

catching another mouse and bringing it to the doormat, where you spawn.

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I agree with schism but you can also put /me then your message to remove the : and make the message the color your chat is also to become a dog you can also get caught a different dog and to be a cat you can catch a different cat in your game (I've played Chatchat)

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