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Guild wars 2 features purchasable Guild bonuses in the Art of War category, which state

  • WvW Fort +10% Magic Find
  • WvW Fort +10% Experience
  • ...

Each says: For 12h, any fortification held by your guid in World versus World give allies a better "insert right bonus here".

Does this bonus applies only within the fort you are holding? Or is this granted for any allies on the map?

Bonus points: does a supply camp qualifies as a "Fort" for the bonuses?

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As far as i know you'll get these buffs if you're near a fort that got the buffs. E.g. You're holding a fort and activates the buff, all players near your fort will receive this buff. It gives a small advantage, to your allies, to defend the fort.

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The bonuses are located around the fort you are holding. Though, It is interesting to notice that the +5 supply bonus is kept around the battlefield if:

  • You are at 0 supply
  • You take supply under a +5 supply bonus
  • You leave the fort influence

You will still have your 15 supplies until you used them.

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