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I haven't played Career mode enough to understand how player improvement works so I would love to have some clarification on a few things.

  • Is there any hidden stat for potential or is age and game performance the only factor in how young players improve. If there are two similar players of the same age they should improve at the same pace right?
  • Does Skill Move and Weak Foot star rating change at all for young players or are they fixed at their initial rating? If they improve is it tied to a attribute somehow?
  • The same thing with traits, long throw, acrobatic clearance. Will scouted players get any of these traits initially or from training?
  • Can I change the position a player is good? If I consistently play a LM in LB will it get added to his positions?
  • Any indication that any of this will change for Fifa 13?

Also does the country the scout is from how any effect on the players scouted?

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