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When evolving two familiars of the same type, does the skill experience of the seed get transferred to the spawn?

I currently have 2 x Baego, Red Drake familiars with the following stats:

  1. Level 70, Skill Level 8
  2. Level 1, No skill experience

Obviously I wan't to use the max level one as my seed so I get the 10% stats transfer bonus. But will the skill experience I have earned go across too?

I no I could try this myself, but I am not ready to evolve yet. I want to build up the new one first while I use my veteran version as a back-up and for PvP battles. If the stats do not transfer then I will probably just build the other to Level 70 and use the new "unskilled" one as the seed.

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You will only get the 10% stat bonus increase, skill exp will not transfer.

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So I should level up the new one to Lv.70 and then use that one as the seed? – musefan Sep 14 '12 at 11:25
Also, do you know what happens to the spawns XP? If they evolve does it reset the level, or keep the same? – musefan Sep 14 '12 at 13:16

When evolving, the spawn maintains their current Skill XP, and their current level XP.

As an example, say I have a level 70 Cat Sidhe with lvl 20 Rush (his skill). If I use him as a spawn, regardless of seed stats, I will obtain a level 70 Cat Sidhe II with level 20 Rush.

If I want to get the maximum "bang for my buck", I would use a lvl 70 Cat Sidhe for the seed also, to obtain the 10% stat bonus.

This would result in the following Evolution.
Cat Sidhe (lvl 70) Skill - Rush (lvl 20) [Spawn]
+ Cat Sidhe (lvl 70) Skill - Rush (lvl 1) [Seed]
= Cat Sidhe II (lvl 70) Skill - Rush (lvl 20)

This is from experience, as I have done this exact Evolution!

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