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How do I get the lockbox in this location? This is in Aberdeen - Southeast of Chiang Mai Sewer Interchange, at the West side of the docks. I tried different points of approach, but am unable to get to its location (it's at a roof, I believe).

Screenshots (click on an image to view the higher-res image):

Map of the lockbox' location enter image description here

It is located at the roof of the structure in front of the player character here. I can't get a screenshot with the lockbox in view, but it is shown in the minimap in this screenshot. enter image description here

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  1. First, climb up the dumpster by approaching it and pressing the climb key (Space on the PC). You'll then be able to press that key again to get on to the roof:

    Wei climbing dumpster

  2. Then, go to the right, around the air conditioning unit and follow the roof to the other edge:

    Wei on roof

  3. The lockbox will be to your left, around the corner:

    Wei in front of lockbox

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D'oh! I tried all sorts of routes except that. (I also thought that the dumpster was unclimbable too.) – galacticninja Sep 14 '12 at 13:00

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