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Can anyone write a macro or is there any setting to do this automatically ?

I want to use the bandage automatically, when you got shot in UT4.1, I run Linux, so hot key software for Windows won't help.

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I would note that while bandaging you can't shoot too, so sometimes it's better not to bandage immediately. – ewanm89 Sep 20 '12 at 13:37

This is a bad idea, when shot you should try to find cover but keep shooting/covering your ass until you are in a safe spot.

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There is no way to do this automatically. You can, however, just press Q (or whichever key you have bound to bandage) after you get hit.

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As said in others answers, you can't automatically run the action, since there's no event trigger and only key binding in Urban Terror configuration file (and Quake 3 in general).

It's not a good idea, but you can bind the bandage action on a extremely used key, like MOUSE1 or Z. This may brings some problems, because it's not very advised to medic you directly after a shot, and you may choose the moment of bandage yourself strategically.

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