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I know that Power increases the damage of direct abilities, Condition Damage improves conditions, and Healing Power (Compassion) improves the heal effects. But by how much?

  • Do damaging abilities get a linear bonus to damage based on your power? (Does +1 power = +1 damage?)
  • Do healing abilities get a linear bonus to healing based on your compassion? (Does +1 compassion = +1 to heals?)
  • How does Compassion interact with the Regeneration buff? (Heal over Time)
  • Several skills trigger life leech, such as the Rune of the Vampirism. Does this leech effect scale with your healing?
  • Dark Fields can cause life leech as well - do those also scale with Compassion?
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The wiki actually has quite some information on this!

Power is a simple one: Each attribute point put into this attribute increases the attack statistic by one, which increases damage for all attacks. source

This however, leads us to want to figure out how attack actually works. And how damage is calculated from this. We know that attack is a simple calculation: weapon damage + power.

Currently, we do not have any certainty about the calculations of how attack is used to calculate the damage of abilities however.

Healing power or compassion (same thing!): Each point of Healing Power adds 0.1258 healing for Regeneration, 0.0643 healing for Rejuvenation, and it is unknown how much healing is added for active healing skills. source

According to the wiki, Life leech is indeed affected by healing power. I however got no idea if dark fields also scale, and if they do on who they scale.

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